About us

New Life Church is one church meeting on two sites


New Life Church began during the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020 as Kingdom Life Church (KLC) and Forefront Church came together to form one church on two sites.

Although we launched in 2020, the two churches have had a much longer association. This dates back to when Paul Worth moved from KLC to lead Harpole Baptist, replanting the church as Forefront Church in 2009, and then returning to KLC in 2016 to take on the leadership. Over that time the two churches have worked closely together with a growing sense of God drawing us together in relationship for the purposes of his Kingdom.

Passion for God Compassion for People

Loving God – all true faith begins here, having a heart of devotion to God. It generates a desire to pray and worship God.

Loving Our Neighbours – this is the natural overflow of loving God. It finds expression in hospitality, open hearts making room for others, seeking their good.

Loving The Nations – the call to mission starts on our own doorstep as we cross the threshold to go out into the communities where we live and work. These are our mission fields.

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Church Life

Sunday Mornings – we gather together across our sites on Sundays to worship God and connect with each other. We offer ourselves afresh to God and are equipped and encouraged to live out our faith in everyday life.

Life Groups – we believe it is vital to meet together each week in a small group because this is where we get to do life together, we can eat together, pray together, read scripture together, worship together, and share our faith.

Life Groups

What We Believe

  • Trinity - We believe in One true God who exists eternally as Father Son and Holy Spirit.
  • Scripture - We believe in the Bible as God's inspired and inerrant word.
  • Church - We believe in the Body of Christ, a universal Church, having different local expressions.
  • Resurrection - We believe that Jesus died and rose again so that we might live eternally in him. His death and resurrection have cancelled out our sins and through him we receive the Holy Spirit.
  • Return - We believe that Jesus will one day return and all things will be made new, a new heaven and a new earth, with no more sickness or pain, and where we will live with God eternally.
Statement of faith

Where We Connect

New Life Church is primarily connected to Catalyst Newfrontiers, an apostolic network of churches working together across the UK and into many other nations around the world.
We also love to partner with other churches locally in our town and county, meeting as ministers, supporting one another, and working on joint projects and events.

Catalyst Network